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We offer a new approach to Technology. We work as  your trusted advisor listening to your needs and recomend cost effective solutions based on those needs. We don't sell anything except our service so our decisions will not be driven by profit, but strictly by keeping your business running efficiently and on budget. 


Our owner decided he wanted to offer something different for small to medium sized business. Cut out the cost of employee turn over in your internal IT department, and also cut out technology firms that don't have the end goal of keeping your companies technology working as efficiently as possible. Take out the hourly billing for IT, and charge a flat rate to work as a technology consultant. Don't sell any hardware or software so our advice doesn't get skewed by the desire to sell more. Instead we learn your business, your needs and your goals, and then align your technology to meet those end goals.


We can charge by the hour as well, but I think given the chance to prove our method works, clients find they are so much happier because they can get back to their business and know someone is looking out for their needs and their bottom line.

Read more below to understand the history of how our president came to this new way of doing business.


Our president has worked in most every area of technology throughout his career. He has enjoyed each facet of technology from working on PCs, Servers, Networking, Printers, Phone Systems, and so many others.


He worked both as an internal engineer meeting the technology needs of single companies. As well as working for technology firms where his time was charged to work for many clients.


He found working for a single company had a huge benifit of being able to do a job right from start to finish. It takes more time to do a job right but ultimately a good tech becomes very efficient working for that company in a short time. He designs, documents, and installs the systems that he knows will create an effective and efficient means of keeping the business up and working at maximun efficiency.


The problem with this type of work is once a good tech or engineer has become efficient, it can become mundane. The tech has a fairly easy job with not many challenges. The engineer will get bored and generally move on to new challenges. This leaves the company in a bad place. This turn over costs money. Each IT person will have their own set of systems and software they prefer and most will expect the company to buy these new systems vs learning what is already in place that was once working well. Even when a tech learns the existing systems this costs the company in lost time and productivity during this learning curve. 


In IT this turn over is high and in turn costs the company far more because of the high salaries of IT staff. When you find someone good, there is always another company willing to pay them more.

When our president worked for technology firms as a for hire technology consultant he loved the new people and challenges each day. The job never gets old. It is always new and exciting, and it is fun to be able to walk into a company that is hurting and be able to quickly correct the problems and get them back to focusing on their core business. However he saw several major problems. When doing projects for clients. The technology firms profit most by quoting the job as cheap as possible to get the work or get in the door, and then get their tech resources in and out as quickly as possible, so they can move them on to the next quoted project or hourly billed job. When you can bill by the hour there is never an incentive to the technology company to do the job right or to put processes and proceedure in place that make the work more effecient. After all when something breaks at a client site the technology firm will be paid again by the hour to come fix it. This keeps reoccurring revenue coming in. However it leaves the client constantly fighting with broken PCs, and not being able to efficiently run their business. 


Also without taking the time to create proper processes, procedures, and documentation; the technology companies techs tend to walk into clients sites blind, having to learn each client for themselves. This takes longer for them to correct the problems, and in the end costs the client even more. 



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