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We want to take a different approach to IT. Mainly we want to make a complex and confusing part of your business simple. We don't want to sell you the next gadget. We don't want to sell you anything besides service. We want to take the headaches out of technology for you and just make your technology investments work for you. By learning your business needs and goals we can assist, and advise you so that together we can come up with an IT strategy that works for your business. 


Is your business growing and needs a server. Is you server getting old and giving you problems or slowing your employee's down and ultimately costing you money. Would you like to investigate getting rid of the cost and maintenance of owning a server and look at cloud based services. We can listen to your needs and find a solution best for you. 


"The Cloud" is the current buzz word in the world of technology, but what really is it? Can it help your business, or save you money? Can it help you access your data from more locations efficiently. Let us answer all these questions for you, and see if "Cloud Computing" makes sense for your business.


If you have single small office or many branch locations across the US. We can offer solutions and recomendations that will allow you to have the connectivity you need and allow your employees to work together and share needed data no matter where they are. ​


Just about everyone has a smart phone these days and many carry laptops and tablets. But do you use these mobile devices to truely allow you to work more efficiently? We can help with solutions that integrate your mobile devices. Also do you want to save money on office space or expand your search for quality employees outside your area. Teleworking solutions might be for you.


Today there are threats coming in from everywhere. We can help you devise a security solution to meet your needs. From Physical security, Firewalls, Backups and data auditing to complete network security audits. Allow us to help make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your data. 


Many of the IT problems clients face today can be prevented or corrected quickly with proper maintenance. It is just like oil changes in a car. Often times just routine maintenance can prevent major disruptions in service. Things like checking that your backups are working on a daily basis all add up to a system that will be there when you need it. 

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